Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Oh the joy to be a mom!  I love my girls with all my heart, but after hearing MAMANNNNNNNNNNN practically all day, I (sometime) have a lot less patience toward them.  Audrey, my youngest (almost 4) is the one that would say it the most.  Today, I have lost patient.  When she said MAMANNNNNNNNNN (yet again), my ton of voice changed and I answer “WHAT AUDREY?”  Her respond was “I love you so much maman!”.  Ouch! This maman felt like hidding. I felt so bad for loosing patient toward her.  The lesson learned today: stay patient even if it’s the 100th times I hear MAMANNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

One day I actually asked my oldest, Valérie-6, why they always said MAMANNNNNNNNNNNN even when PAPA was right there. Her answer was that they always say Maman cause I always answered right away, has for papa, they practically always have to repeat themselves. Lol Loved it! And it’s so true.


Is it MOMMMMMMMM or DADDDDDDDDD in your house?

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